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Pien is a small independent Amsterdam based design studio that doesn’t get along with the high pace wheel of fast fashion. Working with a small team of local knitters to craft products that aren’t temporary but enduring.

Our intuition is to take our time and get it right, after all "we knit slow".

Designer Pien Barendregt was born in a small farming town in the North of the Netherlands. She went on to study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute with a specialisation in textile design, before working for the fashion label ‘Linder’ in New York City.

When she moved back to Amsterdam, Pien stayed close to her love for textiles, allowing the materials to form the direction of any future editions. That’s how she started making one-of-a-kind bags that were the inspiration for her first edition of hand-knitted bags.

Working with a team of skilled craftswomen is a big part of the brand, as most products are made and or developed in-house. The women we work with carry a lot of traditional knowledge in knitting and weaving and so we trade and learn from each other’s skills. We constantly focus on playing and experimenting with traditional knitting and weaving styles to always create a contemporary and surprising product.

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